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Oil And Gas Aircom Dynmes and Ifusionsoft have been working on an processes that could turn oil drilling, natural gas drilling, and fracking development into an almost completely carbon neutral process.

                                                                   Artificial Intelligence + Security 

Aircom has first round funding proposed to build a nation-wide UAV data processing "Hyperfusion" communications data network that would monitor and control UAV BVLOS traffic at altitude to the ground.

Our system can process the real-time data and instruction sets for UAV's to navigate safely throughout public zones and see all other objects, including all air traffic, and make autonymous navigation decisons accordingly. This particular system could be considered national security critical infrastructure. Our AI driven detect and avoid system could also detect possible national security threats ahead of the threat.

Military and local authorities could use this as a tool to detect threats and crime. Many industry types will be invited to use this power network as it may include quantum technology for future proof technology architecture. This particular project is looking for a home to start. We will build 200 node Locations across the US, which will include 6 larger national research, drone portal and education centers. Locations are currently being researched to deploy this network.

               When completed, this could be the largest and most powerful A.I. powered data network in the world.

                                                                                Power Storage     

Aircom is developing and testing special battery power control processes and aerodynamic feature sets that would allow drones and UAV's to fly much further, regardless of weather conditions. Also, we are working on concept to foward into a heavy lift autonymous UAV that would carry a minimum of 500lb payloads and fly as far as 1000 miles on a single charge. Our integrated TIE process could allow battery storage to be recharged in minutes, on the fly. These power processes could be used with many types of storage mediums across many differnet industries, including electric vehicles, renewable energy power plants, robotics and the drone industry, to name a few.

While working on AI development of the drone network and AI systems, Aircom has been working on a new predictive AI concept design for a new algorithm that could allow drones to not only see, identify and avoid all other objects, but possibly identify or determine what "could" be a potential enemy or threat, (terrorism, domestic, or otherwsie), before it/they become a true threat. You would identify an enemy before they were able to cause harm. This type of technology could help the military, police de partments and anti-human trafficking entities to prevent harm to many many people.

Quantum Mechanics and ML

Aircom and Ifusionsoft have developed a data processing architecture concept that lets us process autonymous drone data in real time without the use of graphics cards, which significantly cuts the costs of AI, ML, and CV data processing.

Our research led us to discover another new drone tracking process concept that has an incredible possibilities. 

Studies from this new find, so far, show real-time "on-point" unit location, regardless whether their moving or flying or not, without sensors, and again with an extremely small data processing footprint and could potentially track almost every drone in the world, including handheld controlled. This could change the way the UAV industry thinks and programs for the UAV's.

Another level of programming we are slowly bringing to market, using the drone industry as a tool to learn and play with it is what we call "Automated Flow Adaptive AI" where AI does the adaptations for the machine learning algorythms on the fly as the UAV data is learned and processed.  

Drone Tracks

                    Aircom Dynmes Clean Energy Production and Processes Tech

DGP1 or Generation 3 Generator Systems: DGP1 (Concept) Is a generation unit that can be installed between a structure and grid electricity and can be used to increase power usage efficiency. This process can reduce electric bills by 30% or more. Also, instead of a wind turbine sitting idle, this process could be built and programmed into wind turbine drive systems to allow the wind turbine 24/7 power production, regardless the weather.

TIE Process System: (Concept) This is a power generator storage assistant process with no moving parts. The TIE Process is initially aimed at battery storage. However, with further studies, we found the TIE process can be scaled to any size desired and can assist with most any type of energy storage facility technology keeping the storage at constant full capacity. This could be easily adapted to electric automobile systems to improve range and efficiency by as much as 50%. Within this system, Aircom Dynmes has designed a process that recharges the storage part of the system continuously or in minutes instead of hours.

Isolar Tree: (Concept) Ifusionsoft, along with Aircom Dynmes, has designed a solar tree that generates energy at 40%+ efficiency. This far exceeds any other known solar energy production process or system. The iSolar tree uses a “split-cell” architecture that improves energy efficiency where traditional solar panels fail. The iSolar tree is an ideal choice for increasing solar energy output. Cost-effective, scalability and extensibility are all lacking in the solar energy industry. Our solar tree addresses these issues and is plug and play. It provides direct AC connectivity to a battery and can be connected to a single family home’s primary electric system.

Disclaimer: At our companies, Aircom, Dynmes, Ifusionsoft, The ARC and IPI, what we do or say or strive for is usually going to be probable and possible, but not necessarily or always the actual outcome we wish or state. What we say or do or predict may or may not happen and what we say or do or predict may not work out perfectly due to unforeseen circumstances, (or maybe even fore-seen circumstances and we simply lost control over it), or events beyond our control. We are not responsible to you if you lost because we lost. We are not responsible for you because you are stupid. If we say something is a "breakthrough" or a "change the world concept" and/or "could be the most incredible thing ever", it may or may not be,,, but it could or might be. Any statements, claims, suggestions, or advice from us or within our company, companies, partners or employees or, even friends, may be or may not be true. HATERS beware! We don't allow bulls**t from fake and/or otherwise jealous people, (haters), inside or outside our works who just want to see us burn. If you come to us with positive intentions and want to learn something or support our cause or help and work with us in a friendly manor, or just be friendly and nice, we welcome you. If you see we "are" actually doing something wrong un-intentionally, please help us fix it. We mean no intentional harm. If you come to us to be a pain in the ass, be a politically motivated hack, to hurt our cause because it makes you feel important, or you just feel like being a piece of s**t, or a three letter agency asshole hater that needs a notch because your life is s**t and ours is great, please stay away. We do not want to do aything wrong and more than likely won't do anything wrong or mean to intentionally do somethng wrong. However, due to the previous statements, maybe we will/are, maybe we won't/aren't. If you are some peice of s**t who sends agencies after us because your stupid and don't know your ass from a hole in the ground, or "think" you are better or smarter than everyone else before doing some basic research, or just have a s**t attitude toward the success of others, please stay away and keep your opinions and jealousy to yourself. The world, including us, does not need you. However, if you are curious and want to get to know what and who we are, you are welcome to come see us or call us and possibly join us if you would like. We will possibly change your life by either enlightening you or sending you away as rudely as possible. Maybe we can learn somethng positive from you. Who Knows? But, we're willing to listen. Either way, it is a positive outcome for all. We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not care what or who you are. Just be you. However, we do like to have fun and have a very fun, relaxed and open joke atmosphere. We are equal opportunity employers, lovers, haters, and jokesters. And lastly, if we use you for target practice, don't take it personally.

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*Do not confuse any of Aircom Dynmes or ifusionsoft process systems with "Perpetual Motion or PM Type" machines. •{Perpetual motion describes hypothetical machines that operate or produce useful work indefinitely and, more generally, hypothetical machines that produce more work or energy than they consume, whether they might operate indefinitely or not. Any device that could output more power than it took in would violate the Law of Energy Conservation in physics, namely that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted. These machines are not likely as they defy certain laws of physics and thermodynamics. However: While the laws of physics are incomplete and stating that physical things are absolutely impossible is un-scientific, "impossible" is used in common parlance to describe those things which absolutely cannot occur within the context of our current formulation of physical laws.}