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Aircom Dynmes and Sonic are working with a revolutionary refining process using sound (high intensity ultrasound) and mechanically generated cavitation to heat and to alter the molecular structure of liquids. Through this reaction we can refine crude oil and natural gas into synthetic products of a higher purity than can be achieved by conventional methods in an environmentally friendly manner…with no emissions; the non-petroleum residue product from our process is non-toxic, mineral rich and can be sold. Our refined product is ultraclean, with negligible Sulphur and Nitrates. This means improved performance with low emissions. Using almost any grade of coal, crude oil, refined diesel fuel, or natural gas we produce ultraclean mid range distillates; Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation Fuel or Marine Bunker.

Crude oil and natural gas can be refined at the well site or at a fixed location at a lower cost than conventional refining. No requirement to transport or pipe it to the refinery. The final refined product can be distributed directly from the site or centralized refining location. API of crude oil can be upgraded for ease of transport where needed. Existing Refineries can be upgraded and expanded with non-polluting refining technology. Sour crude can be refined economically to synthetic, essentially sulfur free, fuel. Marine bunker fuel can be upgraded to MGO at a fraction of the cost currently associated with the upgrade The oil and gas treatment unit the company has developed is containable in standard 20 or 40-foot containers and is scalable to the volume required through the linking of units.


Billions of tons of Industrial, Construction, Biomass, Plastics and Municipal Solid waste are sent to landfills every year. Truly efficient recycling is rare and the process frequently contributes to hazardous air pollutants due to poor emission controls.

Aircom Dynmes and Re-Clean can capture waste streams from industrial, commercial and municipal sources. ReClean has the capability to utilize a Thermo Chemical Reactor (TCR) operating in an oxygencontrolled atmosphere to convert these waste streams into Syngas and Natural Gas. Syngas in turn can be used to produce Compressed Natural Gas, Methanol, Hydrogen, or Biofuels (which is similar to diesel fuel) all of which can be transported to local fuel distribution companies.

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